Who Wore It Best: Dior Couture Edition

One of our favorites, Victoria Beckham, was spotted wearing this lingerie-inspired ensemble on the October cover of Elle Magazine. The look was taken straight from the from the Couture runway.

The look was also spotted on Frida Gustavsson for L’Officiel Netherlands October.

Accessories are key. And each of the beauties spiced up their look with different sets of jewelry and headgear. Which style do you prefer?

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ed hardy said... @ 10:02 PM

Well I'm always happy to see people supporting knitwear, since that's what I sell! LOL

I can see why that is your dream storage system, it's beautiful!

meggasus said... @ 6:18 PM

Celebrities NEVER wear anything better than models. With that said, Frida wore it best out of the two.....

But personally, I think Thana Kuhnen @ Marilyn wore it the best.


Janis said... @ 1:06 PM

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