When Will Designers Stop Trying To Make Fur Happen?

Each Fall we see a ton of designers use fur on the runways, but for some reason the look doesn't translate quite so well off the runway. We're not sure if we know anyone who owns a fur, but that doesn't stop designers like Gucci, Chanel and Marchesa from jamming fur after fur onto their runways. We're just wondering why couturiers seem to be so hung up on animal hide.

What do you think? Does fashion have an unrealistic obsession with fur?

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F/M said... @ 11:06 PM

Unrealistic? Defintely not. Unethical, oh yes.

Jessica McClintock Bedding said... @ 2:16 PM

Oh, for the day where fur loses its place in the fashion industry...... I'm amazed it's still accepted by designers - and some customers.

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