Get Out of Debt

We are in the middle of what many have called a credit crisis. Americans are in more debt than they ever have due to many reasons not only are creditors more predatory than ever before but it's also because we as financial consumer don't know as much as we should about our credit. I know I have been the victim of malicious creditors. Right now, I'm struggling to get my finances under control after receiving a few too many credit cards and having a exorbitant, and I know this is not only due to my own personal greed, but I had no idea how much responsibility it would be paying my own bills. Now more than ever we need all the help we can get to help educate us about our financial futures. That's why I'm incredibly thankful to new websites and ventures like Bills which are designed to help educate the masses on their finances. I'm hoping to use the site to help me emerge from my rather modest debt. I've already learned a ton about APR and inflation rates. If you need any sort of financial help, I'd recommend heading on over to this site first so that you can know where to go from here.

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