Bits and Pieces of Versace
Rihanna graces the cover of this month's Cosmopolitan magazine outfitted in one of Versace's trademark vibrant and sexy creations.

Though Donatella and team endure lots of criticism for the overtly sexual nature of Versace's line and ads (hello Giselle). There's a reason why their couture gowns are among those most worn my celebs on the red carpet. With tailoring this impeccable and silhouettes this flattering how could you resist? Here is Versace's Spring 2008 Couture collection. What do you think?

Just Note: The first look is my favorite.

Oh and here's a little bit of designer gossip: Reportedly, those stunning red-soled heels that Giselle is sporting in the new Versace ads are not Louboutins, and they'll be sold later this season under the Versace name. It seems as though the brand's marketers are eager to capitalize on the Louboutin fervor. Tres Scandalous!

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