Designer Spotlight: Rachel Roy

Until recently, I never really paid attention to mega-designer Rachel Roy. I knew she was the gorgeous multi-ethnic woman married to some hip-hop guy, but beyond that, I never cared to delve further into her career. That is until I happened upon these gorgeous designs at the brand new ShopBop designer boutique. Like Derek Lam and Phillip Lim, she designs for young women who aren't afraid to take risks with their wardrobe. I'm in awe of her carefully edited Spring '08 collection. Here's a taste: for more visit

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platinum blonde said... @ 12:31 PM

LOVE Rachel Roy!

Gloria said... @ 2:19 PM

rachel roy has had plain typical designs to me, but this collection is looking really good! I'm loving all the pieces.

btw, thanks for dropping by my blog :)

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