Nicole Richie Has A New Excuse Not to Eat
Apparently the Simple Life III star's gig as the face of Jimmy Choo has been terminated and she is being replaced by Las Vegas star Molly Sims. I'm not wonderfully pleased with the switch, but atleast Molly Sims used to be a model. I've mentioned this before, but I'll say it again. I am getting really tired of celebrities like Richie and Sims in ad campaigns. I honestly don't know what type of customer these designers are targeting with these ad campaigns. Because I guarantee you that the people who are really buying these items could not care less who Nicole Richie is, and let's be honest these celebrities don't take wonderful pictures. Not when you compare them to pros like Daria Webowy (my absolute favorite!) or even Lily Cole or Gisele Bundchen. Oh yeah, and the Simple Life III sucks.

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Fitzgerald said... @ 10:23 PM

I consider Nicole Richie a celebrity by default. And I'm with ya in your complaint about the utter lack of "models" modeling.

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