French Style: Is it all a myth?
I came across an incredibly interesting article today from the Times Online, an English publication, that discusses the notion that Americans idealize French style, when, in fact, definitive 'French Style' is nonexistant. Furthermore, the French are by in large far more conservative than British or American women, and the author, Lisa Armstrong, has made a compelling point.

I will be the first to admit, Catherine Daneuve and Brigitte Bardot are two of my classic style icons, and I have always wanted to visit the iconic fashion houses in Paris, but now I'm not sure why. My love of french culture and style is completely based upon the antiquated images found in various films of the 50s and 60s.

With the exception of Stella McCartney, my favorite designers are either Italian or American. I honestly cannot say that French designers have impressed me in the last couple of seasons. This all leads me to the conclusion that France isn't really the bastion of chic that it once was. Read the entire article here.

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