My favorite new Louis Vuitton Ad...

So I got my first preview of the new Louis Vuitton ads over at Fashionologie, and I was significantly underwhelmed. To be honest I am pretty much over the whole celebrities in couture ads thing. Why can't we just let delightfully rail thin models do what they're best at. It just seems like everyone wants to be something they're not. Actors and Musicians want to be models; Models want to be actors. The world has gone all topsy turvy, but thankfully Daria Webowy never disappoints she is uncategorically my favorite of the major models( I hesitate to use the word supermodel), I much prefer her steamy exotic looks over those of Lily Cole or Gemma Ward. There is something about those girls that creeps me out. Besides the fact that they are literally girls (Lily Cole is 17). They are a bit too "Kate Moss" for my liking.

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