The Most Fashionable Dolls
We've been collecting dolls for ages. It has something to do with our obsession with fashion no doubt. And all throughout our lives our favorite time of year was always the holidays. Holiday barbies have the best clothes. It's not just a time when we received our best gifts. But it was during the winter months that the best dolls seem to be revealed. We were always particularly fond of the holiday Barbies. Mattel made sure to make them special and individualized every year.

That's why we're exceptionally excited for the 2009 holiday Barbie. They always turn out incredibly well. One of our favorite shopping sites has the Holiday Barbies on sale for competitive prices. We also love that they come in a number of different ethnicities! Perfect for everyone on your list.

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jessica mcclintock bedding said... @ 2:53 PM

LOVE the white 3/4 sleeve dress :)

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