Louis Vuitton Starts a New Trend

This fall, a new handbag trend is coming to the forefront, and it's not for women. Next season, not only will Kanye West be debuting his new Louis Vuitton branded sneaker, but the design house will also be distributing a collection of man bags AKA "murses."

We have to admit. The bags are tres luxe, but we're not sure that we'd want our boyfriends walking around with one.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the murse?

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i_b_erin said... @ 10:25 AM

Can we rename them???
sounds like a nurse in training!!

Please enter me in Talkback tues also..thanks!!


Rai said... @ 11:31 AM

I think "man bags" are an odd trend. lol

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