First Look: Elizabeth and James

Known for their eclectic fashion sensibility, the Olsen twins have not one but two clothing lines: the ultraluxe The Row, and the slightly more accesible Elisabeth and James (named for their non-celebrity siblings). The latter has just hit the interweb via Neiman Marcus, and I must admit that most of the collection is pretty solid. Though some of the pieces look like they were plucked directly from the undoubtedly expansive closets of the sisters (which may or may not be a compliment), a few of the pieces are fresh and inspired.

This jacket, however, is utterly heinous.
However, some of the lines more unorthodox pieces work. The hoodie dress perfectly toes the line between hipster cool and seductress sleazy, and though they are completely inpractical, I am a fan of the cut and design of the cocktail shorts.

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