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I recently signed up with PayPerPost in order to generate a few extra dollars from my beloved Cult of Couture. PayPerPost allows advertisers to sponsor posts on selected blogs for a specified amount. So far all of my experiences with the company have been more than satisfactory. Cult of Couture was approved shortly after I applied, and I immediately began accepting paid posting opportunities (like this one). Posties (that's what we're called) can earn anywhere from $5 to $200 for each post. Granted the $200 posting opportunities are rare and difficult to attain, the fact is that they do exist. I know a couple of bloggers who participate in this program, and they've had positive experiences as well. Unlike a few of the other paid blogging companies, PayPerPost seeks to keep bloggers honest by requiring that they fully disclose all paid blogging posts. I completely respect their integrity, and I believe my readers will as well. I'm also fully confident that when the time comes PayPerPost will actually pay me. Because trust me I have had some less than satisfactory experiences with scheming advertisers that have tried to rip me off once it was time to cut a check. If you're a blogger looking to monetize your site, I highly reccommend PayPerPost as a source of supplementary income. I'm excited to do business with them.
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