Model Crush of the Week: Hilary Rhoda
It's been a mightly long time since we've had a model crush of the week here at Cult Of Couture, but I've decided to revive this feature. And this weeks model crush is wholly deserving of this honor. Gentleman may prefer blondes, but I prefer Hilary Rhoda. Many models possess the kind of beauty that the general public simply won't understand, but Hilary's smoldering looks are entirely universal. Born and bred right here in the U.S of A (an anomaly in top models) her piercing blue eyes and raven mane have propelled to the top of the industry.

Hilary Rhoda

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Jillian Renee' said... @ 3:32 PM

Ever since I started to notice Hilary Rhoda on the runway, I thought she was the most beautiful person I've seen in a long time. Every time you see her, you can distinctively recognize her, no matter what. I like that...I also like Laura Stone's face, but she is almost the complete opposite of Hilary :)

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