The Stars Celebrate Valentino

A gala was held to celebrate design legend Rudolph Valentino and the stars shone bright (for the most part). Most looked absolutely fabulous.

You probably don't recognize her, but that's style maven Sienna Miller in a wonderfully flamboyant red gown. Love the dress, but my god I hate the lipstick.

Liz Hurley and Uma Thurman are beginning to look a little bit long in the tooth. I don't think those ruffles do them justice.

Supermodel Elle "The Body" Mcpherson is showing us she's still got it in her skin tight ensemble. She looks radiant, and I am definitely coveting her patent leather Louboutins.

I love Anne Hathaway for many reasons, but mostly because she's proven that young actresses don't have to flaunt their bodies and behave like imbeciles to be successful. That dress is killer.

Oh Claudia Schiffer: why, oh why did you have to choose that dress? While it certainly flaunts her still immaculate body (check out the torso), it is simply a ridiculous design. I can't stand that dress.

Eva Mendes looks classicly chic. This is a great look for her.

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