Couture Lust of the Day: Miki Fukai Dress

Every once I while I stumble upon a designer that is...well..pure gold. Okay, so that was cheesy, but I'm so glad that aimless internet wandering brought me to Japanese designer Miki Fukai. Her designs are organic and innovative. She manages to push the envelope without feeling disingenuous. I absolutely adore this dress from her fall/winter 06 collection though it appears to be a standing/dancing only dresses. For if you were to sit down I'm afraid the wonderful structure would be ruined. I believe that this is the definition of wearable art.

P.S. Doesn't the model kind of remind of Twiggy. Not the obnoxious America's Next Top Model Twiggy, but the uber chic 60s Twiggy? Now that't what I call fierce.

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