Oh God! How Depressing!

I am not a fan of celebrities gracing magazine covers in the first place, but when I saw the latest cover of Harper's Bizarre Bazaar I struggled to keep my down my dinner. Really Harper's Bazaar? Are you really this desperate? No wonder Bazaar is struggling, it's apparent that their editor's have absolutely no idea what is culturally relevant or inspiring.

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Sara said... @ 12:44 AM

Yikes! I'm going to pass on this one.

.m. said... @ 1:50 PM

yeah i'm for sure not going to buy this one. but i guess nicole and paris are culturaly relevent, rite? their just trying to sell magazines, they know their no Numero or Vogue

platinum blonde said... @ 9:09 PM

I felt the same way when i spotted it at the spa...I actually thought it was an old issue!!! :) they are desperate!

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