Fabulosity on a Budget

Let's be honest, we all want to dress like the rich and fabulous. But unless you run in the circles of Tinsley Mortimer or Julia Restoin Roitfeld, buying all of those designer must haves is simply out of the question. Well, fashionistas fret no more, because new websites like Borrowedbling.com, Bagborroworsteal.com and LoveMeandLeaveMe.com let you rent--yes i did say rent--that which you desire. Here's how it works. You can borrow luxe handbags, jewelry, and other accessories for a monthly fee (ranging from $9.95 to $175) .Vanity aside, these sites are incredibly practical for special events. What's the point of buying that super expensive evening bag that you can only wear once? Why drop $2,000 on the newest LV bag when it will be obsolete next season? This, my friends, is why we love the internet.

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