Armani Prive Couture Collection

Armani has received much publicity as of late because of his unsolicited musings on David Beckham's improbable film career and because pictures of his most famous clients are constantly being crammed down our throats. The Actress Formerly Known as Katie and the Poshbot will undoubtedly be dipping into Armani's latest couture collection because it's actually quite wearable.

Armani did what Armani does best: sleek sophisticated styles peppered with an heir of maturity. Speaking of mature, is it just us, or has Kate Holmes been dressing like your mother recently? Just a thought.

The Look:

  • asymmetrical/one-shoulder blouses and dresses

  • metallics-gunmetal gray, champagne, iridescent blue

  • crystal embellishments reminiscent of the ubiquitous Elie Saab.

Couture look that we most definitely will not be wearing: the granny style babushkas. Impactful yet dreadful.

Grade: 7/10. Loved the splashy elder stateswomanesque suits. The best part about the collection was the accessories, the crocodile d'Orsays are too die for.

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Rebecca said... @ 11:23 AM

I agree about the hats! What's up with that?

There was some very wearable stuff in the collection. Myself, I will be avoiding the dramatically asymmetrical look.

The other thing I noticed is that the skirts cling to the models legs when they walk. Just like the rest of us!

From the bottom of the fashion food chain, ...

Marina said... @ 1:10 AM

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Liza said... @ 1:08 PM

Armani croc is to die for... Totally agree with your evaluation.

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