Versace Does it Again
Donatella Versace has once again opted to put a celebrity in her ads, but I still can't understand why she does it. Is this her M.O.? Does she befriend the rich and famous by offering them a place in her not-so-chic ads. Well, whatever it is, it's not working. I'm officially over it. Her newest campaign, which features Jonathan Rhys Meyers, is so blah and boring that it's painful. The sheer unoriginality is enough to make me ill. Is this the best that can be done: a black suit with glasses and boots. Oh, and let's not forget the leather pants. It's all just so wrong. I'll let them speak for themselves, though be forewarned; they don't say much.

Still awake? I told you they were boring.

Photos Courtesy: Guise

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missc said... @ 8:10 PM

i agree! talk about yawn!

Aulelia said... @ 3:12 PM

co-sign with you guys; they are really really boring. boring isn't even an adjective that can describe how bad they are. I think Donna is getting lazy; she thinks celebrities are synoymous with glamour. hardly true since Paris Hilton fits the dictionary description of a celebrity.

Shelby said... @ 4:54 PM

Ew, those are really lame!

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