The (Notso)Many faces of Keith Michael...
I'll admit it, I am a huge Project Runwaynerd; frankly I'm obsessed. Sometimes I watch the show and I feel like I missed my calling. The fact that I cannot draw or sew has definitely put an end to those dreams, because as you know those skills are absolutely crucial to design, but whatever, enough about me.

So Imagine my delight when I came across the the website of the infamous Keith Michael, and in the words of Nina Garcia "I'm Underwhelmed". Though I loathed Keith from the moment he appeared on my television screen; his designs on the show were incredibly strong, but these clothes are dreadful, lifeless, dull, unoriginal, {insert another appropriate adjective here}. They simply add further credence to the allegations of foul play on the show.
Come on! Is he serious with the beige? Yuck.

Okay, so the jacket/dress is kind of cute, but everything else is pretty lame.

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clothes-pin said... @ 2:55 PM

hmmm, you're so right. The dress/coat is ok but who can't do that? Ho hum for all that mouth he's got.

plain.jane said... @ 11:34 PM

the 3rd pic- singlet vest looks like a famous brand...

Frapp said... @ 4:50 AM

I really like the vest! It's just wearable stuff though, not designer-worthy.

paper lily said... @ 10:37 PM

The model looks a bit like Julia Stiles, non?

jo-ann said... @ 12:08 PM

So Cool~ Love your blog! Look forward to your next post..Thanks for sharing :D

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