Couture Gone Wrong:Take 1
The awards season officially began last night with the Primetime Emmy Awards, and as always the red carpet abounded with fashion horrors.
I don't think that Tracy Gold could possibly look more squat. The straps on that dress are not being utilized in any productive manner; her boobs desperately need a good lift. The color is horrendous, and I'm sorry but who wears a dropped waist? So unflattering, and don't even get me started on the hem. Yuck.
The only thing more ridiculous than this dress is Paula's unintelligible ramblings during interviews on the red carpet. The woman needs medication.
Looks like Vanessa Minnilo has decided to recycle one of her old pageant dresses . There is nothing couture about this dress. It looks cheap and tacky. So over the top-like a bad prom dress, I'm sure you could probably find this creation at your local Dillard's.

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Adrian said... @ 6:13 PM

Love the comments. But, imo, for Paula, medication IS the problem...

Sarah said... @ 6:32 PM

god, paula's dress is the worst.

alluretone said... @ 9:56 PM

it's really a wonder why celebrities tend to waste lots of money on ugly clothes and think they're going to look good in them on the red carpet.

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