To Couture or Not to Couture?...

I was Inspired by a article on British Vogue's Website to ask the question: are the couture shows still relevant?

Sometimes I wonder: what exactly is the point of the couture show, these creations will almost never be worn number 1 because they are ridiculously expensive and secondly because the designs are so outrageous that there is no place for them to be worn.

So are the couture shows a valuable part of the fashion world or are they just an excuse for big name designers to show off. I think it's telling that only the iconic fashion houses choose to put on couture shows, while the younger upstarts shy away from them. Though it could be because of the expense, I believe that couture fashions are simply a bit too over the top for some of the more earnest designers. (Who happen to be my favorite.)

My favorite part of fashion is the idea of creating something that is both artful and wearable, but most of these styles are simply unwearable. When talking about someone like John Galliano, who continually pushes the bounds of the bizarre, Is he a genius or a weirdo? I mean, he did comeout on the catwalk wearing a spacesuit. So I ask you: To Couture or Not to Couture

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dorkprincess7 said... @ 12:01 PM

that is the scariest thing i have ever seen

paper lily said... @ 10:14 AM

Great blog. Very thoughtful and engaging perspectives on couture.

falco348 said... @ 7:57 PM

Interesting website with a lot of resources and detailed explanations.

Maline said... @ 6:38 PM

i love your blog...what if you get to know more the moroccan couture via Caftan Marocain

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