This week's Most Fashionable Woman in the world is....


One might argue that it's easier for gorgeous people to look good, but anyone who's seen Jessica Simpson lately will know that this is completely untrue. This week the buxom beauty signed a multi-million dollar deal with Reebok to design for her new "Scarlett Hearts Reebok" line, and premiered the new Woody Allen directed film"Scoop", and even while doing all of this she managed to look extremely fierce!

Oi! what a face! Could she BE anymore stunning? She's got a pout that rivals that of Ms. Jolie. I personally prefer Scarlett; she's infinitely less creepy.

Here she is peddling her new reeboks. She has the most beautiful proportions. Sometime's being extremely curvy makes you look fat, but oh no. Not with our Scarlett.

Did anyone see the Golden Globes preshow when she totally got molested by Isaac Mizrahi, I would have smacked him, but Scarlett handled it with amazing grace.
While I was researching I found this beautiful (and heavily airbrushed) Louis Vuitton Ad. I know I know, Celebrity does not= model, but I will give Scarlett a pass.

And there you have it: The week's most fashionable woman in the world!!

Edit: I just couldn't help myself. I found even more pictures of S.J. looking fantabulous @ the Late Show with David Letterman. Enjoy!

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paper lily said... @ 1:14 PM

I love the dress she wore to the 'Scoop' premiere.

Frapp said... @ 1:59 PM

I love Scarlett, she's so down-to-Earth and really doesn't let her A-list status go to her head. Although I didn't like her in the lipgloss ad, I did like her in the fake tan advert. She's curvy without being fat and doesn't have a problem with it which I really admire, and she looks great in the Louis Vuitton advert!

Haute Girl said... @ 5:29 PM

i love scarlett...she's classically beautiful and i like the fact that she always looks natural...

Karinaxoxo said... @ 1:36 AM

She is soooo gorgeous isn't she... not only is does she ooze style & class - but she is a real women - with real curves!!!

Princess Rainbow Star said... @ 1:28 PM

She super hot!

Great actress and fashionista!

Another Suburban living fashion lover

Fashion Kitty said... @ 4:02 PM

Scarlett is like my top most favorite person ever night now... Have you seen Match Point (love that movie)

*emma* said... @ 11:12 PM

i completely agree. ScarJ is the best! could she be ANY MORE PERFECT? oy im getting a complex just looking at her.

Mrs. Bon-Bons said... @ 9:02 PM

she has the most amazingly sensuous curves. and she carries herself so beautifully. i'm over the whole anorexic/coked-out look that hollywood starlets are so fond of these days.

P.S. LOVE your blog! i'm adding your link to mine. :) congrats on the invite to Coutorture!!!

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