Couture without the attitude...Is it possible?
As of late I have been examining the spiritual implications of being a member of the "Cult of Couture", and I've decided to scrutinize many of aspects of high fashion: beginning with the arrogance within the fashion world.

Some might say that the spirit of couture is inextricably linked with a certain intangible haugtiness, and I tend to agree. I recently saw a documentary on Karl Lagerfeld (whom I loathe), and in many ways he reminds me of those bratty children on My Super Sweet 16. They have been continually bathed in unwavering praise; consequently, their self-esteem is incredibly inflated. Here's a note to all parents. Don't be afraid to tell you children that they are not, to put it bluntly, the shit. You won't be doing any harm, because they probably aren't. God knows my parents told me all of time, and look how I turned out. But I digress.

Is this sense of self-importance really warranted; they are just clothes after all, but the fashion-industry is so insulated that I can see how one could become consumed with delusions of grandeur.

Don't get me wrong I love couture; in fact, I am obsessed with it, but sometimes I wonder if this passion that seems to monopolize the majority of my time is ever going to have a payoff. And I'm not talking financially, but will I really be able to change the world with clothes? (Doubtful.) So this post has definitely strayed from its original intent, so back to the topic at hand. I honestly don't think that you can separate couture and snobbery. As long as these designer items have price points that are well out of the reach of laymen, and maybe that's the way that it should be. Would I adore them as much if I could actually afford a Bottega Veneta handbag or an Oscar De La Renta gown. The answer is a plain and simple no.

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