Michael Kors Resort 2011: For the Girl Who Can't Say No

In some ways, Michael Kors is the epitome of a resort designer. He often notes that he draws inspirations from monied international island hoppers like Doris Duke, and his aesthetic is appropriately "expensive."

This collection is for the girl who just can't stand still. With everything from from a sexy monokinis to luxurious furs, the collection plays right to the modern day Dukes.

What We Want: The snake-print and solid monokinis, the hombre floor-length dress.


Chanel Cruise 2011: Karl's Hippie Couture

Karl debuted his latest collection on the beautiful beaches of St. Tropez, but Woodstock '69 would have been a more fitting setting for the hippie-inspired separates. Karl knows just how to pay homage to the era of Chanel's hey day and add a modern spin. This collection was gorgeous.

Vera Wang Spring/Summer 2010 Ad Campaign

Vera Wang has been working in the fashion industry for many years already and her creations need no advertising.Her signature streamlined, demure style.

These photos feature Anna De Rijk who wears fabulous pieces from Vera’s Spring-Summer 2010 collection. And those two are quite enough as we all remember womanly items and the effect they had on the fashionstas.

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RUNWAY: Versace Spring '10

Versace channeled the swinging sixties with a set of supershort, highly-printed dresses. The bodycon fit shows off the body in typical Versace style, and you'll be sure to turn heads.

Like what you see? View the rest of the collection here.